Thursday, 14 May 2020

EID UL FITR 2020!!

So, this year Eid is not going to be the same like the previous ones , EID 2020 will be totally different as we used to have large gatherings for eid but this year we will not have anything because of COVID 19 ,our lives have just turned upside down, everyone around the world are suffering, it has created  an impact  on all our lives, it's  a crazy situation out there. 

Amidst all this Ramadan  arrives where we weren't allowed in the mosques , and we are even advised to offer the Eid prayers at home, never heard of this before  but in all this we have realised  what truly Matters is the safety of our family must be our top priority.
During Eid we meet  our relatives and we enjoy lunches dinners, and spend quality time with our loved ones. So this time with this pandemic we have to stay indoors and also we can still zoom  call our relatives  and friends  , we must try to curb this pandemic so being stressed for what has happened in the world we must try  to take necessary  precautions and also follow  the social distancing at all times . 

Usually  Eid is the time of celebration and gatherings and food , but this pandemic  thought us to be more resourceful and also to be more sensitive towards  the society to give back to them. Instead of spending  unnecessarily over  food , clothes, etc. I realised that there are families that are affected by this pandemic  and they cannot  afford  the basic amenities so it's better  to give back to the society. 

That's what Eid is all about right? I feel that this Eid is truly special because  it has taught us the real meaning  of this blessed  month and Eid.  As we used to indulge ourselves  only in the worldly pleasures  we forget  Almighty that gave us abundantly but we were never thankful  and we never  thought  of those who aren't able to look after their families .

This Ramadan  is so fulfilling  that it has brought  me more closer to Almighty than ever before without any distractions of the worldly temptations. No large iftar gatherings,  also spending my time in kitchen  preparing different types of food to please the crowd. Perhaps  this could  be a learning experience for all of us to be concerned about one another and also to be prepared for anything that comes our way.  We need to stay positive throughout and also look after our loved ones. 

Wednesday, 6 May 2020


As we all are aware of the spread of the COVID-19 or CORONA VIRUS earlier this year, it has affected all our lives in many ways , also with so many things that is changing  around our lives it is leaving  a huge impact on us. Everyone across  the globe are advised self Quarantine themselves to avoid  the spread  of this virus. Some of the countries are in total  lockdown. Every source of entertainment is now closed and all are advised to stay home. 

So as  we all are in our homes now, it is very tough  for people  who love outdoor activities, with all this going on in our lives it's  very challenging to manage our daily  chores. And with this difficult time it impacts on our mental health too. All the celebrities and every influential  person in   the world  are advocating the "stay home, stay safe " campaign. 
 Well my Quarantine days are just as regular, spending all day in my PJs , trying out different cuisines,  binging on my Quarantine snacks, also binge watching shows in Netflix. That's pretty much everyone's Quarantine days along with work from home too. Now I  meet my family  and friends through Zoom calls.

 So through all this negativity around we are trying to stay home with our family that's the biggest motivation for us to stay put through this pandemic and together we can stop the spread of this virus and flatten the curve. And let's hope this ends  soon and we can get back to our normal life.

Friday, 17 August 2018


So yes it is August and that time of the year where  the two countries India and Pakistan celebrate their Independence day. And so we are Independent nations but are we really  Independent? The two nations are having their own problems in their own way .

But the main problem comes to down to women in both countries women are not safe. Yes they aren't safe. Evry woman encounters her own problems  be it the society or house in every possible way women are looked down upon. Let's consider the fact that in both the countries there were women who were strong and powerful but yes they had to face so many troubles come out of their way to become most powerful personalities.

Well for me true independence means when our nations provide equal opportunities to women as they provide to men , stop eve teasing and most importantly stop rape . To come up with a safer environment for women where we keep our head high and walk  in freedom . Yes and that's the independence day i would love to celebrate.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

"Justice" need of the hour!!!

One fine evening where all countries celebrated their New year's day  and those news were just settling down there comes a heart-wrenching news which shattered me inside out ! On Jan 9 as usual when I was going through the news on my Facebook page suddenly there was this news of a 7 year old girl zainab was kidnapped raped and murdered!!!!  That news just shattered me wrecked my soul ! Where are we heading to?? Was that a human who did that?  Certainly not ! It was a beast. Till date it's been the most horrifying news ever . My heart cried out to that girl . It was not just her murder that day humanity was killed . And many such news just take away my faith in law, justice and humanity !! The society had been a trial for women even before birth! How ruthless the society could get? And my heart cries even now for her parents just imagining their condition! if woman has given the power to bring a life on this earth then why the society puts a woman under the scanner all the time? Shouldn't the men being questioned? Why aren't they questioned for everything? Justice for that little angel zainab won't bring her back !!! Appealing for justice is just not going bring her back !! This news has brought an outrage though but yet people are just watching!! Please take small initiatives to bring in the change in our society change our mindset! Only then we do justice not only to the society but also for the humanity.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

When thoughts flow through art

Well i am a very ameture  artist though but i keep my thoughts flowing which reflects in my paintings. I want my thoughts to reach out to people and my ideas to be heard. Basically its my hobby to create woman centric painting . I want to bring out  the thoughts , the feelings and  a mindset of a woman through my painting . It's  not how complicated a woman is but each woman has exceptional qualities which has to be brought out  and the world should see what a woman is capable  of. In a world where women are objectified and be seen as objects to the world I want to bring out the pain and make it more visible for everyone who underestimate a woman's ability. Touching the skies and even beyond it but then women have not their equal status as men. So let's hope to see a better future with realistic society.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Breaking the stereotypes!!!!

So it had to start with the typical stereotypes set by our society  they have assigned us with some social norms which most of us disagree. As times change so is the mindset of an individual change but the stereotypes remains the same!! Well I am not particularly having an opinion about sexism but yes it does exist! I have a very own sexist at my home . Yeah well it is obvious that after getting  married the whole burden of the household falls on the wife and men are supposed  to work or I  ll put it this way they are the breadwinner!! So this recent issue made me write this!!! I want some answers here do all men are happy with their wife's success?  or may be they ll be initially happy but slowly  the insecurities tend to rise and there are constant conflicts. I think these stereotypes have a lot of impact on us and our lives we are not able to digest a fact that MEN ARE EQUALLY "RESPONSIBLE" for the household chores the burden on wife is meant to be shared. But no it is the gender stereotying which has led to this not only this but it is true that  men still think women cannot achieve anything we are like a nobody they easily  say cook at home what else we do !!! Even if we are housewife we have hell a lot of burden on us we take care of everything but neglect ourselves!!! Lack of appreciation  makes us feel useless and disappointed.  Nevertheless women are still attacked by our society  no matter even if we reach the stars there is always a loophole for us in this society.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Mystic blogger!!

Well often we come across celebrity interviews   such as movie celebrity or sports celebrity  or a political celebrity etc . We as an individual think they have achieved a lot in their lives the curiosity makes us binge into such stuffs. But we are unaware that this takes us far away from reality. As for an individual's perception the life goes on normally as it does even these celebs have things which they normally do but they like to be in the limelight seeking unnecessary attention and like to be talk of the town. But today was something different as I began to think which is one of the most popular celeb I should be interviewing? So the answer popped into my head was A mystic blogger yes it is the mystic blogger who can turn our imagination upside down with their blogs. How powerful it is that a little piece of their own lives turn mystic , ethreal but yet convey it  in the most subtle way. This curiosity thrived me to think even more , so much that I found out that that the mystic blogger is none other but it was ME!!! Thinking more further I realised I have to interview my own self! So Who in a busy world have the time to ask few questions to themselves???the answer is No one . None can do that and the hardest part was to figure out how do you question one self? According to the trends now a days its like we are living lives just to scream out on social media pretending something we are not!! Where huge fan following decides the status of a person! And they are often being judged . Always under a scanner. But have we scanned our inner selves ? judged ourselves like how we judge others? This made me think even more and I ended up asking questions to myself as to what am i doing in life? Do i really have a goal to strive hard? Or just living for the heck of it? Well sadly I haven't figured out answers for all . The mystic blogger is in all of us but hardly anyone recognises it.